High School Lawsuit?


Aol He measured 6 feet 6 inches, weighed 280 pounds, and was light on his feet.The Somerville High School senior had been groomed for the varsity team since his freshman year and was excited to play “quick guard” and offensive tackle for the Pioneers. But instead of helping his team to victory and impressing college recruiters, the student athlete spent most of the season on the bench and on a psychiatrist’s couch, according to a lawsuit that claims the school’s longtime coach bullied and retaliated against the player when he refused to play with an injured leg. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the 17-year-old’s suffering, legal fees and possible cost of attending a private school next year so that he can play football as a “fifth year” senior. The lawsuit says the player was diagnosed in August with Osgood-Schlatter disease, a knee injury caused by growth spurts, that kept him out of commission until October. That was too long a time for Arakelian, who pressured the student to play and created a hostile environment when he refused, the suit claims.

Here is what I know about football coaches in America.   They want to win at all costs.  Sure they’ll call you pussy for not playing through pain, but if you can help the team win you will be on the field. That’s how it works at every level in America.  So there is zero chance this kid wasn’t playing because his coach was holding a grudge.   Zero chance.  He wasn’t on the field because he sucked.   And the fact that he is 6’6 280 and still hadn’t cracked the varsity squad by his senior year proves it.  This isn’t the NFL.  You don’t groom guys for 3 years to play varsity.  If you’re fucking huge you play right away.  So if the parents want to sue anybody sue god for making your kid a gigantic clutz.


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