Meth Head Brady Bunch?

Gainsville – The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office early Thursday arrested four people representing three generations of a single family on suspicions they were working together to manufacture methamphetamine. “I can’t imagine someone sitting there cooking up meth with their grandson, or with a son or daughter,” said Maj. Scott Harden. “This is the first time that I know of that we’ve arrested three generations all at once like this.”The family members were arrested early Thursday while a search warrant was being served at their home on Southeast 289th Street in Cross City. Those arrested were Allen J. Brannin, 54; his daughter, Amy M. Brannin, 34; her son, Austin J. Brannin, 18; and Tyler W. Cannon, 18, who is closely related to the Brannins.

Well would you look at this little Brady Bunch of Meth Heads. Here’s a story! Of a junkie tweaker! Cooking up some crystal with kids! All of them had sores and lesions, like their grandpa! The youngest one’s a dummmmmp.

You know who you really gotta admire here? The kid Tyler who wasn’t even related to the family. I mean this is a tight knit family business the Brannins are running here. 3 generations of Brannins sitting around cooking up crystal. They’re like the fucking Kardashians of crystal meth. As far as a Meth Head is concerned getting in with this family is like striking oil. Getting in with their laboratory is like marrying into the Kennedys. And they probably don’t just let anybody in. You gotta show you’re Brannin material. Show you’re worthy of their operation.

Ah who am I kidding I’ve seen Breaking Bad all you gotta do is bring some drugs and some money and show you’re willing to squish someone’s head with an ATM machine and you’re probably Brannin Meth Head material.


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