New Age Child Molester?



Philly – WHEN HER teenage son caught her having sex with his 15-year-old friend and the son reported the incident to school officials, Terri Mezzatesta came up with a wild story, police said. Mezzatesta, who is 5 feet 9 and 260 pounds, claimed that she was passed out drunk and unaware that the 15-year-old was having sex with her, police said. But cops didn’t buy it because, according to her 14-year-old son – who’d allegedly heard his mother say, “Right there, baby” during the act – it was consensual.


Court documents of Mezzatesta’s alleged crimes tell a sordid tale that includes wine coolers, pot and sexting. The teen said that he and Mezzatesta then watched television in the living room and that she bought him wine coolers, according to police. While on the couch, Mezzatesta allegedly asked the boy if she could perform oral sex on him, an offer he accepted. One thing led to another and the boy engaged in intercourse with Mezzatesta, during which she yelled the explicit exclamations, police said. That awoke her son, who entered the living room and allegedly saw an image he will probably never forget. The son then punched his friend in the face and told him to leave. The boy did so, but he returned to Mezzatesta’s house later that night and was allowed to stay.


Shit just got real like a motherfucker around here.   This bitch ain’t playing around.    She’s in it to win it.   This just proves the old adage about fat gross chicks.  You take dick wherever you can find it and you ask questions later.    Because beasts like these only have two options in life.   Either become a feminist and pretend the reason you hate men is because you’re all about women’s rights even though it’s really because you can’t get laid or just start giving  wine coolers to 15 year olds and start clanging and banging.   There are no other options with a mug like that and when you weigh 260.   So I ain’t mad at this lady.   She chose the lesser of two evils.  And I ain’t mad at her son either for tattling.   At least have the dignity to fuck in a hotel room or something.

PS – I literally spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any even though I was when they said her son heard her mom say “Right there, baby”   So preposterously gross yet hilarious I can’t stand it.

Double PS – What a low blow by including this lady’s height and weight like she’s trying out for the combine.  Ruthless.


One Response to “New Age Child Molester?”

  1. james Says:

    This boy would not had sex with this skank if he was sober.
    Getting high on pot and wine coolers distorted his judgement,
    Since this boy was stoned he thought she was good looking woman

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