The Fix?


Huffington PostAfter injuries sustained during a 25-foot fall forced doctors to remove part of Tim Barter’s skull, surgeons have now reshaped their patient’s head using a titanium plate and fat from his stomach In June 2009, neighbors found Barter unconscious outside his home after he tried to climb a drainpipe, the BBC reports. The visual effects director had locked himself out of his house and was trying to climb in when he lost his grip and plummeted to the ground. Barter suffered a shattered eye socket, a broken leg, brain hemorrhaging and went into a 10-day coma. But now, life is returning to normal after physicians at King’s College Hospital were able to reshape Barter’s skull with a titanium plate and stomach fat, the British newspaper Metro reports. Today, Barter is doing well and, interestingly enough, the 32-year-old has even taken to skydiving and rock climbing.

I’ll tell you right now if I can come out on the other end looking like a jacked up tan surfer bro with lettuce like that, I’ll throw myself out the window right this fuckin moment. As a matter of fact maybe this is how I get through my mental breakdown. Just send myself into a 10 day coma and give me skull a big old dent. Then I can officially say I hit rock bottom. Just completely bottom out with some brain damage and start heading back upwards again. Get some fat sucked out of my double chin and reshape my dome. Its like liposuction and dent surgery all in one. Hit the tanning salon. Hit the beauty salon. Do a few cycles of boli. Bingo Bango I will go from a lazy eye, double chin dent-head to surfer brah lady killer.


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