Fined for the Strip Club?

Newser) – Sure, a visit to a strip club can leave your wallet much lighter. But nearly $400,000? That’s how much Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli is facing in missed wages, should he be fined for a late-night visit to a Liverpool strip club, reports the Telegraph. He was photographed outside the club in the wee hours of Friday. Balotelli did manage to score a goal in the team’s 2-0 win over Bolton 36 hours later, but that’s not enough to spare him from being disciplined. “If he got more sleep, he could have scored three or four goals,” says the team’s manager, adding that he will fine Balotelli the maximum of two weeks’ wages if the story is true. “It’s not correct because a professional player cannot stay out until 2am.”

Doesn’t Cristiano Ronaldo have coke filled orgies on camera like twice a week? I’m pretty sure he straight up dates whores. Like he finds whores and makes them into his girlfirends and gets caught doing drugs and having sex with them on camera. But this poor son of a bitch hits the strip club one night and he’s gonna be out almost half a mil. I don’t know who this team’s manager is but I’m pretty sure he needs to recognize this is what European soccer players do. They make absurd amounts of money and crush absurd amounts of stripper/hooker pussy. If you’re gonna start fining these guys 400 grand every time they’re caught in one of these situations every soccer player in the continent is gonna go broke.

PS – All in this is probably gonna end up like a $1 million night for this son of a bitch. No way these guys drop anything less than like 500K at the tittie bar. Shit every time I walk out of Flashdancers feeling like I dropped 200 grand and I’m a broke nobody. Those bitches who give thte shoulder massages get me every time.


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