Chubby Child Perv?

DM A ‘teacher of the year’ who was arrested last week for having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy, was secretly recorded admitting the sexual acts they performed on each other. Ethel Anderson, 29, who is married with a four-year-old child, is alleged to have performed oral sex on the young boy at her Florida home when she was tutoring him. Court records show that during a February 29 meeting with Anderson which was arranged by the boy’s mother, Anderson allegedly admitted performing sex acts on the victim and allowed him to fondle her. The boy’s mother contacted the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office after she discovered ‘inappropriate’ text messages from Anderson to her son. When police interviewed the boy, he was able to describe the teacher’s home in detail and also distinguishing stretch marks on her abdomen

I just can’t help feeling bad for this lady. Being identified by the distinguishing stretch marks on your fat gut is about as low as a person can be put. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. The 12 year old kid just put her right in her place, letting her know she was only a piece of meat. I mean he easily could have just described her hair, her personality, her face. She wasn’t a mugger in a back alley, she was his tutor. But no, instead he went right for the kill shot. She’s the fat whore who didn’t get back into playing shape after she had a kid. Go ‘head, lift up her shirt. Ugh! Yup, that’s her. I know, I know. I told you it was gross, didn’t I? Just look! God she’s gross. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the move by the kid. Gonna grow up to be a total bro. Kicking chicks out of his bed as he hurls insults at them left and right. It’s just that sometimes you can level with the bad guy and the good guy. Ethel Anderson is the Detective Alonzo Harris of sucking underage dick.


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