Racist Nike?

Huffington Post Nike is apologizing for a new St. Patrick’s Day-themed sneaker that offended many in the buildup to its release. The SB Dunk Low “Black and Tan” trainers,  which is the sneaker’s “unofficial” name, has a darker connotation for many Irish people: it’s also the name of a British paramilitary unit sent to quell Irish rebellion against British rule in the 1920s, a strike that led to many attacks on civilians. “Black and Tan” or “Tan” is still a pejorative term for the British in Ireland. As the LA Times notes, “it would be akin, in some circles, to naming a sneaker the Taliban or the Nazi.”


Black and Tans?!  What an outrage!! I’m outraged and I’m not even Irish!! Just absolutely disgusting.  That Nike would unofficially name their new black and tan colored sneakers Black and Tans after the horrors of the past.  I can just picture some smug History PH.D prick designing sneakers in the Nike factory directly naming these things after a 1920s paramilitary quelled Irish rebellion in order to really stick it to those potato eating bastards.   Glad somebody actually called them out on it.   Hey and while we’re at it what about Black and Tans?  You know those Guiness mixed with light beer drinks you can find at every bar on the planet?     Just wondering if the Irish were doing crusades against the drinks menu at every bar ever as well as on Nike headquarters.  Considering every Irish dude I’ve ever known orders Black and Tans it might be a lower priority than footwear.  I don’t know.  Maybe Nike should apologize to whoever waits in line for these limited edition sneakers because they are ugly as fuck. But probably not necessary in this case


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