Whitney Houston Sex Tape?

Star Ray J is sitting on “a ton of sexually explicit photos and videos” starring he and the late Whitney Houston, an insider exclusively tells this week’s edition of Star. The Houston family has “been in contact with Ray and told him they do not want any photos or videos painting her in a bad light to come out,” the source said, adding the famous family “explained to Ray that now is the time to honor Whitney, not drag her legacy down.” The insider said the younger brother of singer Brandy has “been stalling” to sell, or hand them over, them to Whitney’s family “because he knows he’s sitting on a gold mine.” The late Houston “adored” Ray J, the insider said of the the hip-hop hunk, whose name is synonymous with his 2007 sex tape with Kim Kardashian. The late singer, who dated the 31-year-old stud on and off in her final years, “loved doting on him and would have done anything he asked — including making a sex tape,” the insider said.

Where do I sign up?  Hell yeah I wanna watch a middle-aged woman strung out on coke and pills get railed by Brandy’s brother.  Why else do you think I own this computer?  For computations?  This things sole purpose is for adult material.  And I DO mean the adult material you’re thinking of and not like expense reports or back pain research.

This is my chance to see Ray J’s penis’ fall from grace.  A few years back it was in the mouth and body of a young pre-Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian.  Fast Forward to present day and its last known sighting was inside the vagina of an aging, drug-addicted pop singer.  Crazy.  Ray J’s dick deserves its own E! True Hollywood Story.  Just his dick narrating behind still shots of its hard times.  “Then in 2009…things got really bad.  I got hooked on Cialis and twice found myself inside Gladys Knight.” That dicks got a story to tell.


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