A Chink in the Armor?

(Newser)– Jeremy Lin has met with the ESPN headline writer who was fired over an offensive headline he wrote about the Knicks star’s first loss, and all appears to be forgiven.”It went incredible,” Anthony Federico, 28, told Newsday. “We talked for an hour. I’m just so thankful.” Federico has previously called the headline an “honest mistake.” Lin  declined to talk about the meeting, which came about after a member of  his family contacted Federico. They’ve been trying to coordinate a  meeting ever since, but Lin’s busy schedule has proved prohibitive. “The  fact that he reached out to me … He’s just a wonderful, humble person,”  Federico says. He says they bonded over their shared Christian faith,  and talked about Lin’s knee injury.

I love how the dude who was at the center of this whole debacle gave himself the nickname “ChinkBalla” back when he was in school. Like there is a zero percent chance Jeremy Lin gave one fuck about the “Chink In the Armor” headline. Lets not make this out to be like when Pope John Paul forgave the dude who tried to assassinate him. He probably met with this dude to be like “Sorry you got fired man, I didn’t give a shit.” Bought him some dinner and chit chatted about God a little bit.

I think there should be rule that if the subject of an offensive joke doesn’t actually get offended, there should be no punishment. I mean if Jeremy Lin didn’t really react and no Asians were really up in arms, who cares? I mean I didn’t see one quote or article or story from any group or advocates of Asian people saying how offended they were. Its like nobody really gave a fuck and everyone shrugged it off except for ESPN. Oh well. I think the world is too uptight but, lesson learned. No chink puns when dealing with Asians.

Also, that is DEFINATELY a young Jeremy Lin in those above picture.  Either that or I’m a racist and think all Asians look the same.  But i’m pretty sure it’s a young Linsanity.


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