Crack Kills?

ocalaThree days before the brutal beating of a 73-year-old woman, Eric Tyrone Powell began “popping pills,” smoking crack, snorting cocaine, taking ecstasy and consuming any drugs he could get his hands on, the suspect said Monday night in a jailhouse interview. Powell, 35, of Silver Springs Shores, was arrested Monday on charges of attempted felony murder and home-invasion robbery. Unable to go to his job installing molding because he was “too zoned out” from the drugs — and because he had not slept in days — Powell said he needed money to get more drugs. Then, Powell said, he started following a 73-year-old woman. He made small conversation with the victim, telling her he worked for a cable company and that his work truck had problems and he needed some water to drink. The woman went into her condominium and came out with the water. Powell said he drank some, then grabbed a dumbbell the woman had carried while exercising, which was sitting by the front door, and used it as a weapon to beat her. The suspect said they tussled and that he beat her severely. He placed a shirt over her mouth so she would stop screaming. “I’m human. I make mistakes. I pray and hope that she forgives me,” Powell said.

I acknowledge that most of you are going to jump to conclusions and immediately demonize our friend Eric Tyrone Powell here, but you really have to look at this from a more forgiving and understanding perspective. The man needs crack.  You wouldn’t expect a car to run without gas or a cell phone to operate with no battery, so there’s no reason to expect a veteran all-star crackhead like Eric to go about his day NOT strung out on crystallized cocaine.  That’s just not who he is on the inside.  Eric can’t go about life pretending to be something he’s not.  He’s a crackhead.  He gets into crackhead adventures.  And sometimes those adventures involve stalking an innocent geriatric women then beating her within an inch of her life with an old lady jogging dumbbell for drug money.

We’re all human, right?  Surely we can forgive this one little simple mistake.

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