Nike Unis?


After months of hype and a flurry of rumors that promised a logo and jersey revolution, Nike’s new NFL uniforms pretty much look the same as Reebok’s.

[Photos: See the new NFL uniforms]

With the exception of the Seattle Seahawks’ major overhaul, each of the 31 other NFL teams retained the same design for their 2012 uniforms, the first to be designed by the Oregon-based apparel giant. Nike made some slight changes to the collars of a number of team’s jerseys — introducing the Flywire design that its college programs have worn for two seasons.


Other than that, the other changes would be imperceptible to all but the most eagle-eyed football fan. Some fabrics have changed, the jerseys may be constructed differently, but the Chargers still have a lightning bolt, the Redskins will wear burgundy and gold and the Cowboys have a star on their helmet.


Seattle’s new kits are the exception. “The new uniform colors are rooted in Seattle’s own environmental hues — the deep blue of the ocean water that tucks into the harbor near downtown and the Seahawks’ stadium,” Nike gushes. “The new color addition called Action Green represents the green of the ubiquitous trees, ferns and moss literally covering the Pacific Northwest landscape.”

Bet you didn’t know trees, ferns and moss are neon in Puget Sound.


These aren’t egregiously awful like Nike’s uniforms of another football team in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, it’s not like the Seahawks have ever been a bastion of football fashion. On the whole, these aren’t bad. Not great, but not terrible.

So don’t fret, traditionalists; Nike didn’t ruin football. You may want to avert your eyes from these gloves though:



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