Nasty Burger?

TennesseePerturbed about the taste of a hamburger she purchased from Hardee’s, a Tennessee woman twice called police emergency operators to lodge a complaint about the fast food outlet’s “nasty” grub. .. Donna Marie Nichols, 50…made two 911 calls, a cop responded to her location, and was told that she “had purchased a meal from the Hardees in Rockwood and that the hamburger tasted funny… and that they told her to return and they would refund her money.”  In one of her 911 calls Nichols told a police operator that the Hardee’s food “is no good” and that, “I only took a small bite out of the burger and it’s nasty.”

Let me get this straight: Hardee’s sells Donna Marie Nichols a nasty tasting burger.  She does her duty as a citizen and calls the police to tell them.  And SHE gets arrested?  What country is this?  I mean, isn’t that what they always tell us to do?  Don’t take the law into your own hands?  To alert the proper authorities and let them handle it?  That’s exactly what Donna does and what do they do?  Throw her in the Stoney Lonesome like some common criminal.  It’s not her fault the Rockwood PD don’t have 912.  If they had some line to call to report nasty burgers I’m sure she would’ve called that.  But they don’t.  But she had a burger emergency so she called the emergency number the way she should.  And rather than thank her for doing her civic duty, and arrest everyone at Hardee’s, they slap the cuffs on her.  Let this be a lesson to us all that no good deed goes unpunished.  How many more must be sold nasty burgers, Mr. Speaker?  How many more?  @JerryThornton1

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