Now This is a Terrorist?


MSNBC – A radical Muslim preacher can be lawfully extradited from Britain to the United States to face charges that he helped set up an al-Qaida terrorist training camp in Oregon, a court in Europe ruled Tuesday. Abu Hamza, whose amputated forearms are replaced by hooks, is accused of conspiring to establish a training camp in Bly, Ore., where followers received combat and weapons training for violent jihad, or holy war, in Afghanistan.The U.S. also believes he helped the extremists who kidnapped 16 foreign tourists in Yemen in 1998. Three British tourists and one Australian visitor were killed in a shootout between Yemeni security forces and the captors.

Listen I don’t condone terrorism and killing Americans and shit like that.  Just not my bag.  But having said that if you’re going to be part of al-Qaida go big or go home right? I mean look at this motherfucker!   You can’t be more terrorist looking than this cat.   Hooks for arms, glass eyeball etc.    Like if you’re going to blow shit up and be the bad guy no point in half assing it.  You might as well own it like this guy did. Haters gonna hater, Abu Hamza gonna slate.


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