The Geriatric Drug Kingpin?



Newson6- A 73-year-old Craig County woman was arrested Monday after sheriff’s deputies searched her home and found marijuana and $278,000 in cash.  A four-month investigation led investigators to what they say is the biggest player in the Grand Lake area drug trade. “We feel like this is a really big operation,” said Sheriff Jimmie Sooter. The money was seized along with four pounds of marijuana from a house and vehicle four miles east of Vinita off Highway 60.The amount of confiscated cash is staggering. The suspect is surprising: Darlene Mayes, a 73-year-old grandmother.”It was just like shock. I can’t believe this. This is a lady my grandmother’s age, and I could never in a million years picture my own grandmother doing this,” said Bobby Floyd, Vinita Police Chief. Investigators say the 73-year-old grandmother is likely responsible for 40 percent of the marijuana trade in the Grand Lake area, which has gotten worse in the last couple of years.

You can say whatever you want about Granny but you can’t knock her hustle.   Just crushing the drug trade game in Oklahoma. Just dominating the shit out of it.  I wish my nana would get involved in narcotics.  I’m sick of these 10 dollar checks for my birthday.   What the fuck can I do with 10 dollars?  Time to step it up Nana. Kind of selfish not to.   Like whats the worst that can happen?   You get arrested?  Big deal you’re gonna die soon anyway.    Might as well try to make a play before it’s too late.


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