The Stripper Twins?



OK City Police arrested twin sisters after a scuffle at their home involving a baseball bat. Oklahoma City police were called about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday to a home in the 3000  block of NW 27 to investigate a report a man had beaten two women with a  bat. The four individuals who live at the home had differing accounts  of the hourlong fight that had just taken place, according to a police  incident report.  Tracy Murray and Stacy Helguera, 25-year-old sisters, live with Murray’s fiance, Brooks Brady, 25, and a cousin, according to police. Helguera first told an officer Brady had been drinking and struck her,  her sister and the cousin with a baseball bat after she and Murray  returned from a strip club, where they both work. She later changed her  story and said she and Brady were verbally sparring before Brady punched  her in the nose, and that her sister came to her rescue, at which time  Brady turned his attention to Murray. Murray told police her fiance and sister were drunk, and that Helguera  was verbally antagonizing Brady all day. When Helguera slapped her  fiance, he began to fight back violently and only stopped when Murray  choked him from behind, Murray told police. At that time, Brady began to  beat her, she told police. Brady, who had red marks and scratches on his neck and throat, initially  told police the women “jumped him.” He later said all of his injuries  were from work.

Well looks like Stacy got the short end of the stick on the “twins stripper” genes. Like whichever part of the sperm that carries the hot twin stripper DNA all went to Tracy. Not to say that Tracy is a beautiful smokeshow or anything. Just saying that if she sobered up and put some makeup on and maybe combed some bangs to cover up that 5-head, I could definitely see where she’d be the type of girl I’d repeatedly give 20 dollars to grind her ass on my dick. Stacy on the other hand, yeesh. Bitch looks like the aliens from that M. Night Shaymalan movie Signs:

Anyway, I wonder where these girls draw the line. They definitely fuck together, right? Like you’re Stacy and Tracy, the twin strippers. You’ve definitely given lap dances side by side. Whether you’re grinding or just straight up giving hand jobs in the club, you’re making dudes orgasm together. There’s no way they go home and resume some normal life together. I think they share everything from name pronunciation to dicks. And aside from the fact that this story about baseball bats and domestic abuse kind of scares me and makes me think they’d beat the shit out of me, I’d very much like my dick to be the one they share.

One Response to “The Stripper Twins?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    They better never go to New Mexico. Someone will snatch them into Hanger 13.

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