Arbroath A 94-year-old Mexican woman crossing the border at Nogales, Arizona is facing drug-trafficking charges. The woman was crossing the Morley Pedestrian Gate when border officers say she was picked for further inspection, according to a US Customs and Border Protection news release. Officers say they found six bundles of marijuana – 10.5 pounds – strapped from her torso to her legs. The marijuana was valued at $5,250. The unidentified woman from Nogales, Son. was turned over to the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

You wanna know why your wheelchair kids and elderly family members are getting felt up in the airport by sassy fat black ladies and gay dudes too ugly to be flight attendants?  Because of no holds barred, go-for-broke, down ass bitches like this.  Look at how much weed the old bird was trying to fly into Arizona.  That’s 10.5 pounds worth of shitty brick-packed Mexican marijuana that will never make it to an Arizona State freshman dorm like it was originally intended.

It’s really amazing she got as far as she did.  Walking geriatrically slow through a Mexican airport with awkward rectangles poking through her dress and smelling like Ricky Williams’ beard.  Much respect to this abuela.  I bet they’ll never find the yayo tucked in that dusty chocha of hers.


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