Listen you can blab on and on about holograms and 3D imagining and technology until your blue in the face, all I know is that 2Pac was performing live at Coachella with Snoop Dogg. Like that was 100% real 2Pac. Stuff your nerd computer shit in a sack because I’m not buying. I mean my cell phone never gets service, the train breaks down every time I set foot on it, my car doesn’t fly yet, but you’re telling me you can project a lifelike image of a dude dead for 16 years bouncing around the stage rapping and dancing flawlessly? Nice try my friend but you gotta get up prettayy early in the morning.

Oh yeah that totally wasn’t creepy or anything. I mean imagine being one of the like hundreds of thousands of people there tripping balls on acid and shit? Then all of a sudden 2Pac comes out rapping Hail Mary? Probably just have your brain explode right on the spot. Freakout of epic proportions. Just flat out irresponsible of Coachella if you ask me.


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