I’ve been playing Madden football every single year at a pretty fanatic level since middle school (messed around with Gameday for a couple years but that’s irrelevant).  Easily my favorite game of all-time aside maybe from the GTA series.  So I’m familiar.  This year I got deep into a fantasy draft franchise mode, 10-15 years into the future to the point where all of the recognizable players are long gone and retired and the only players remaining are randomly generated guys from the computer.  Long story short: somebody is creating these names, and who that somebody is makes a big difference.

Why?  Because if a non-black person made up Q’Dareus Walls or Ego Kirkwood or Bar’ee Carter or X’Zavious Odom it’s kind of racist.  It’d be like if I was creating fake video game Irish guys and started throwing out “O’Sully” and “McBlarney”.  Taking way too much creative freedom with the player naming responsibility.  It’s one thing to use the current ridiculous names and MAYBE build slowly away from there.  Getting a bunch of non-black people in a room making up fake black people names seems less like work and more like Gigglefest 2012.  I appreciate the constant The Wire references with the last names “Barksdale” and “McNulty” popping up all the time, and the Scarn Paper Co. sponsorship nod at The Office, but a room full of white dudes throwing out random could-be black names ain’t right.

I thought you were better than that, John Madden.

PS – If you find any absurd names in your game, feel free to share them with us @PhillyBarstool “#RacistMaddenNames”. PPS –



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