Pitbull Singer Pitbull poses in the press room during the 2010 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

I honestly dont get how this guy has become successful, i mean where did he come from? why do people want to do song with him in? how did he do this with only one verse?

his song ‘Hotel Room’ or whatever it was called was atrocious, i cant believe that got into the charts and even so, what the fuck? HOW? he just repeats the same line over and over and over again for like 5 minutes to some mediocre beat. why do people like that? i dont even enjoy it pissed out of my face in a club, its terrible.

apart from that one song the only other time i ever see/hear the guy is when he piggybacks off of other people’s success by doing that shitty little rap he does.

the real joke i find is that its the same in every song, same tempo, rythm, flow probably even lyrics. He doesnt even follow other people’s songs, he just drops the beat spits his shitty unoriginal bars about shorty getting low in the club and then when he’s done the song resumes again.

i honestly dont see the point in the guy, i think i could probably walk into town and train a tramp to be a better musician than this guy. if he died the music industry wouldnt bat an eye lid, literally nothing would change.


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