Fat Chicks?


ABC – A self-described “plus sized” college student who was told she was “obviously pregnant” and “not pretty enough” to dance on a platform in a bar in Iowa is claiming she was discriminated against by the bar’s bouncers. Jordan Ramos, a 21-year-old University of Iowa student said she went to Union Bar in Iowa City, Iowa with her friends on March 3. She said she tried to get onto a platform where several of her friends were dancing, but was stopped by the bouncer, who said they were at capacity. Ramos said she waited until a few girls left, and again tried to go up. She was stopped again, which she said prompted her to ask, “What is the difference between the other girls up there and myself?” bouncer said ‘Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong,’” Ramos told ABC News.  A social work professor at the University of Iowa told Ramos to return to the bar. “She told my friends and I to go back and see if the same thing happens and to try to get them to say aloud ‘I am not allowing you up because of your size,’” Ramos said. Ramos asked the bouncer repeatedly why she could not dance on the platform. “He said, ‘You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant.’ I said, ‘I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that I am not pregnant.’ He then looked at my stomach and said, ‘You obviously are.’ They knew I was not pregnant; it was there way of calling me fat without having to actually say it,” Ramos said.

First things first.  I refuse to believe this chick isn’t pregnant.Come on honey.  You’re 100% prego.  I mean look at you.   Fucking huge.  But let’s for the sake of argument say that you are just naturally this fat.    Fine.  You still can’t dance on the platform.  Just like you are too fat to work at hooters, be a model, be a stripper or do anything where looks are involved.   I’m not even trying to be mean.   But facts are facts.  You are ugly. The last thing a club wants is ugly girls dancing around uglifying the whole joint.  Nobody wants to see that shit.   Fat chicks dancing is the ultimate buzzkill. That’s what makes people stop drinking, stop having fun and leave.   That’s how clubs go out of business.  Like you walk into a club and see a fat chicks shit jiggling all over the place you get the fuck out of dodge.  So it’s not like going up there isn’t going to hurt anybody.  Yes it is.  It’s going to hurt business.    It’s that simple.  It’s nothing personal.  You’re just fat and gross and need to stay in the shadows not the spotlight.  It’s okay though…the world needs ditchdiggers too.


One Response to “Fat Chicks?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    So wrong and so true at the same time.

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