Kelly Clarkson?

I don’t know what kind of workout and diet KC has been with these past couple of years, but whatever it is it’s working.  She’s in that perfect range right now: not too skinny, not morbidly obese enough to be restricted to a chair.  Juuust right.  Just to that point where her arms are fat enough to scare all the blood to the surface of her skin turning it from that horrible smooth single tone to a much sexier, blotchier red.  Ya’ll know what I’m talking about.  That perfect zone where the ass curdles up into those delicious little dimples and her breathing becomes wheezingly audible.  That’s the one.  You gotta share your secret with the rest of the women of America, Kelly.  Too many singers running around here without tricep fat looking like they forgot about Wal-Mart’s sale on middle America emo teenager clothes.  Help ‘em out.


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