The New York Niggas?

NYPNets on Jay-Z track. As long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call their marketing shots — what a shock that he chose black and white as the new team colors to stress, as the Nets explained, their new “urban” home — why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment? Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N——s? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B—-hes or Hoes. Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way! “I guess I won’t need my color TV anymore now that the Nets will be wearing black and white,’’ writes reader John Lynch.

Phil — the New York N—–s?  I wouldn’t be half as offended if what you said was funny or made sense, but it’s 100% neither.  Is that all you think of when you think of Jay-Z?  Him saying the N word and “bitches” and “hoes” and associating himself with “9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings”?  Because if it is it becomes painfully obvious that you don’t know enough about Shawn Carter to even think about cracking this joke.

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