Too Fat to Fly?

(Typical Jeter fan)


DM – Too fat to fly? Kenlie Tiggeman is suing Southwest Airlines after being told she was too large to have only one seat for the second time in six months While she is not seeking monetary damages from the airline, Ms Tiggeman has claimed that she wants to enact an industry wide standard for rules to be put in place clearly stating the official policy of all U.S air companies.’We need to know what the rules are,’ she said.Ms Tiggeman rose to national prominence last year when a Southwest Airlines employee declared that she was ‘too fat to fly,’ and asked her to buy a second seat.

I honestly don’t get fat people.    You are suing because you need to know what the rules are for being too fat to fly?  Umm how many times do we have to go through this with you lady? Get it through your fat fucking head already.  If your fat leaks into the seat next to you than you need to buy two seats.  It’s pretty fucking simple. I’m so sick and tired of fat people acting like the world owes them an apology.  If you want to dance on stage or fly like a normal human than lose some fucking weight.   Stop blaming all your problems on everybody else.    You’re fat.  You’re gross.  You don’t fit in one airline seat.  That’s your fault.  Not ours.



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