Time Magazine?

Jesus Christ!  And people think we use smut to sell newspapers.   How old is this kid?  Like 45?    And how about the mother?   Could you make her any hotter?     Fucking Time Magazine muscling in on my territory.  Just shooting a an arrow across my bow.   Okay motherfuckers.  It’s fucking on now!

Goodness gracious this family is all sorts of jacked up! You got an adopted black 10 year old dude and his bro sucking on their mom’s tits and eating her edible underwear. I said this earlier on twitter – I don’t care what you say – if you breastfeed long enough to be able to recall your own mother’s tit in your mouth, you’re fucked. Now add in the fact that your black brother’s face is like 6 inches from yours as he sucks on the other free boob, and for dessert you two go and chow down on your mom’s edible panties and I’m pretty sure therapists all across the country are fucking salivating over this family.

Although, I must say, I ain’t mad at the black kid. Not mad one bit. Dude has access to a pretty hot white chick’s rack. It ain’t incest if shes not your biological, homie! I bet he daps it up with his black friends on the playground at school like “Yup, see that white chick over there? I suck on her tits DAILY nigga!”


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