Corrective Surgery?

DMA Vietnamese woman with a rare ageing disorder that left her looking more than twice her age has finally had corrective surgery. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, 28, was first diagnosed with Werner syndrome aged 10, but because of her parents financial constraints, she was unable to get the necessary treatment. However she underwent plastic surgery to restore her appearance following a consultation at China Medical University Hospital in central Taiwan. An ecstatic Mai said: ‘I feel like I am being reborn and there are hopes in my life again.’ Doctors said that Mai’s surgery was the first of its kind in Taiwan and they expect her to maintain a healthy lifestyle as long as she avoids the sun.

This bitch has got to be tripping thinking this is an improvement.  “Feel like you are being reborn?”  Into what?  A fucking children’s nightmare?  You went from looking old to looking like your mom got knocked up by The Thing.  Like your plastic surgeon is rocking Stage 5 Parkinson’s Disease and filled your face with silly putty.  Nguyen Thi Bhoc Mai — two things.  First of all unscramble your name until you come up with a real one.  Second, sue the shit out of China Medical University Hospital.  You look like Kelly from The Office after a bedroom fire.


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