Fuck the Austin Wranglers?

ESPNTerrell Owens’ tenure in the Indoor Football League came to an unceremonious end Tuesday when the Allen Wranglers released the controversial former NFL receiver. Owens signed with the Wranglers in February, receiving a six-figure salary and an ownership stake in the franchise located about 30 minutes north of Dallas. Owner Jon Frankel said Owens’ ownership stake has been terminated because he violated his contract. Frankel cited Owens’ refusal to play in two upcoming road games that are critical to the Wranglers’ playoff hopes and Owens’ no-show for a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital as the breaking points in the team’s relationship with the receiver. “Our fans are amongst the best in the league, and it is impossible to maintain a player when even our fans notice and comment on a player’s lack of effort both on and off the field,” Frankel said in a statement released to ESPNDallas.com. “We need to do what is best for this team, our fans and this community.” Owens, who was not required to play in all of the Wranglers’ road games, could not be immediately reached for comment. “It’s disappointing and unfortunate,” Frankel said of releasing Owens, “but (he) could no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization.”

This smells like bullshit.  I’m as critical of Terrell Owens as the next Eagles fan, but the Wranglers went ahead and fired a guy not required to play road games for not playing road games?  Doesn’t even make sense.   This has Office Space 15 pieces of flair minimum written all over it.  If you want TO to give a shit about the Wranglers making the playoffs I guess you should’ve given the man an incentive to care about the playoffs.  A playoff bonus would’ve helped here.  Or a stipulation that requires him to play road games if the team was within 1-2 games of the lead.  But there wasn’t any of that.  If you wanted Terrell Owens to wear 37 pieces of flair you should have made the minimum 37 pieces of flair!

This is nothing but a PR stunt by the Wranglers ownership.  They get the PR boost from the firing, save the percentages they would have had to pay TO as part owner, and look like tough guys in front of their fans.  It’s all bullshit.  Firing a guy over a missed children’s hospital visit?  A hospital visit?  Not a game, not a game, not a game…a hospital visit.  That’s a fine, not a firing.  It was all a set up.

Nice headline-grabbing quote by Wranglers owner Jon Frankel, too.  “(He) could no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization.”  What a tough guy.


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