Oh Chadwick?

floriDUHA 55-year-old woman was strolling down the Ponte Vendra Beach near her home on Sunday morning when she noticed a man riding on a bike towards her. As she turned around to go home, the man began to undress himself, according to an arrest affidavit from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. The man continued to follow her, then after passing her on his Moots Mountain bike, he got off the bike near some dunes, and got naked before going into the ocean, according to the report. The distressed woman, now on her beachfront property, then noticed the butt-naked stranger leering at her from over a dune on her side of the property line in a crouching position — and brushing his buttocks with his hand, the report states. … The woman then called authorities who later caught up with the man as he was sitting in the sand at a beach access point not far away. The woman was able to identify the man, Chadwick Paul Parker, 39, as the stranger who had prowled around her property and defecated in the sand, according to the report. The Jacksonville man had been previously reported by the Atlantic Beach PD for entering dressing rooms in a woman’s clothing store in 2006 while women were changing clothes. On one occasion he tried on a sheer piece of woman’s clothing which revealed his genitals, the report stated.

Chadwick?  Really?  Locked-eye shitting and wiping with your own mitt is definitely far from the type of stuff a ‘Chadwick’ should be getting into.  Homeboy should be playing polo and making snide comments about immigrants, not butt-naked BMX-stalking innocent ladies and dumping feces on their property.  That’s more of a “Chuck” thing to do.  Maybe something a “Shaun” or “Metta” would do.  Not a Chadwick.  Chadwick’s own 10 different pairs of Sperrys.  They don’t shit on people’s beachfront property and get butt mud on their palms.

This man is the precise reason why police profiling needs to stop.  Somewhere there is an innocent grizzled Mexican hobo getting harassed by cops while Chadwick is out staring down old ladies while duke flows from his ass.  Sure, the guy LOOKS like he should be batting clean-up for the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league affiliate, but you can’t always judge a crazy by its cover.

I wonder what brave cop volunteered to cuff Chadwick’s brown hands.


2 Responses to “Oh Chadwick?”

  1. andy dexter Says:

    i KNOW this pervert. 2006 was not the first bust. He was in trouble in west orlando peering into women’s dreswsing rooms but asked to keep things quiet because he is a firefighter. I think that the community should know what asick individual is lurking around!

  2. annainkc Says:

    Tell me more!!! My daughter is interested in this guy and I didn’t like him when I met him.

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