Kenyan World Series?

Do you know who I wanna meet? The dude in the orange polo who organized this masterpiece. He’s probably some Long Island Jew in Kenya for the Peace Corps pretending to save the world when in reality he’s just hanging out with a bunch of future marathon runners until its time to go home. Like I could see him going from hut to hut and rounding up these little bastards with swollen bellies and flies on their eyes. Asking Joseph Kony if he could borrow a few footsoldiers for the day. Hey guys good news! Instead of walking 15 miles through the Serengeti to get clean drinking water, today we’re reneacting Game 6 of the ’86 World Series. I took your 10 cents a day and instead of buying AIDS vaccines and bread I bought a tennis racket and a tennis ball and some matching jerseys…now who wants to be Mookie and who wants to be Buckner??

PS – Timmy Mungai doing the hands behind-the-head-2-foot-jump onto home plate is perfect. Also Paul Mangathe came closer to fielding that ball cleanly than Buckner did


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