The Bucket List?

ArbroathA New Zealand are $80,000 in debt after he was wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer and they spent heavily achieving a rapidly compiled bucketlist. Frank, 69, and Wilma, 65, who don’t want their surname published, say they had “nothing to lose” after Frank was told in May 2010 that he had only a few months to live. The medical advice turned out to be wrong and though they are happy Frank is alive, their quality of life has been eroded by a spending spree, which included trips to Australia and Fiji. … A month later he was given the devastating news it was likely the cancer had returned to his heart and he only had a few months to live. So Frank and Wilma did what many people would do – they made every day count. Frank, who used to own a handyman business in Auckland, gave away $30,000 worth of tools, fishing gear, a quad bike, clothes and household items. They sold their house in Wairoa at a loss of $70,000 and cancelled the health insurance. Frank began smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee after quitting during his first cancer diagnosis. The couple went to Fiji for 10 days. They blew $30,000 on food, a five-star resort and fishing activities, expecting his life insurance to cover the costs. “We had a good time. We spent too much money on food, going around New Zealand and then a business which fell down,” Wilma said. Frank had had another ultrasound test in December 2011 – and this cleared him of cancer.

Well, Frank, looks like your living large bucket list days are over.  No more lobster dinners overlooking the oceanside sunset.  No more caviar getting stuck in your mustache.  None of that.  And to think for a moment there you had nothing to look forward to but luxury vacations and God’s sweet finish line.  Now look at you.  In debt and momentarily cancer-free like the rest of us.  C’mon Frank you’re old enough to know the system always wins. Enjoy bagging fries until the cancer returns!

PS – cigarettes, coffee, and Fiji apparently cures cancer. PPS – DIABEETUS.


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