Celebrity Hookers?

Philly.comGiving new meaning to the term layover, six prostitutes who advertise their services online were nabbed during a sting at an airport hotel last week, according to police. In April, Tinicum police responded to reports of a shooting inside of an airport hotel, said Sgt. James Simpkins Jr. Investigations revealed that the shot was fired when two people from Philadelphia robbed an escort at gunpoint, he said. No one was injured by the gunfire and the thieves were eventually caught, but the incident prompted Tinicum police to become more proactive in cracking down on prostitution in the town, Simpkins said. With the help of state police, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI, Tinicum police set up a sting at an airport hotel on Thursday and booked five female prostitutes and one male prostitute through websites. Simpkins declined to identify the hotel where the sting went down or the websites through which the escorts were booked.   All six were charged with prostitution and disorderly conduct and one was also charged with minor drug offenses, police said. “Our goal is to send a message,” Simpkins said. “With prostitution goes violence and we don’t want it here in Tinicum.” Arrested were Celeste Fleischman, 43, of Philadelphia; Christina Bohnert, 25, of St. Lucie, Fla.; Demetrius Fung, 22, of Philadelphia; Jennifer Blackwell, 35, of Chesapeake, Va.; Jennifer Boswell, 27, of Las Vegas, Nev.; and Tina Robinson, 34, of Woodbury, N.J. When asked about the distant addresses of some of the alleged escorts, Simpkins said while those were the addresses the suspects provided, it’s unclear if the individuals actually live in those cities.

Soulja Boy is a Philadelphia-area male prostitute?  And how bad has Chris Brown been beating Rihanna’s ass for her to look this rugged?  And Shady 80′s Italian Mafia Trophy Wife was there?  It was like Philadelphia International Airport celebrity hooker showdown 2012 in this hotel!

I’ve been trying to line up with names/ages with the pictures for the past 20 minutes.  Starting at the top left and going clockwise is how I’m numbering them 1-6.  Obviously #5 is young 22 year-old Demetrius Fung.  And #6 who looks like all my white friends’ moms is probably Celeste Fleischman, 43.  But the rest are kind of a crapshoot.  I got #2 — definitely a secret smoke — as Christina Bohnert, 25.  And I’m going #1 35 year-old Jennifer Blackwell, #3 as 27 year-old Jennifer Boswell, and #4 as 34 year-old Tina Robinson.  Ooo, I feel like I’m on the Price is Right.  I’m locking in these picks, Bob.  Feelin good about ‘em.  I’m winning that Chrysler Sebring.

Thanks, Steve.


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