A Dead Ringer?

(E!) – Kenny Chesney fan and apparent look-alike Nate Blankenship found that out the hard way when he showed up at a Chesney show at Nashville’s LP Field and ended up being escorted out by security who claimed that his resemblance to the country singer was creating a disturbance. Well, it turns out Chesney’s camp had no idea such a thing had happened until Blankenship made the local news—and they are very sorry.  “Being made aware through the media that fan Nathan Blankenship was removed from the Brothers of the Sun Tour show in Nashville on Saturday night, the promoter of the show is contacting Blankenship to resolve the matter,” read a statement from Chesney’s record label to E! News. “I would like to thank my family, friends and the many well wishers who have supported me in the past 24 hours, which has probably been the most hectic day of my life,” Blankenship said in a statement yesterday after hearing that Chesney’s label wanted to make amends.

My big problem with this, aside from the look-alike acting like he just got rescued from an Iranian embassy, is the fact that anyone and everyone looks like Kenny Chesney when you’re wearing a cowboy hat. You throw a 10 gallon hat on Mo and he’ll be a dead ringer for Kenny Chesney. And isn’t everyone supposed to look the same at a country concert anyway? White with a flannel shirt and a Republican ballot? Just doesn’t make sense to kick a guy out of a country concert for looking too much like Chesney. It’s like kicking a guy out of the Aryan Nation for his eyes being too blue.


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