Gay Oreos?

Ad Week- Oreo is widely known to be one of the most successful brands on  Facebook, but tonight the brand proved it could be one of the boldest,  too. Around 8 p.m. Eastern, Oreo posted a gay-pride-themed picture  featuring a six-layer cookie colored like a rainbow,  with “June 25” and the word “Pride.” The caption said “Proudly support  love!” (The significance of the date is unclear, at least to me. San  Francisco’s famous Gay Pride Parade was the 24th, as was the one-year  anniversary of New York’s Marriage Equality Act.) The response among  Oreo’s 26.9 million fans has been fiercely divided, with many commenting  that they planned to stop purchasing Oreos. “I’m never eating Oreos  again. This is just disgusting,” one commenter said. “Unliking page and  the rest of the ‘kraft’ family products… i will not support a company  with these views,” wrote another. But the post also drew a massive  amount of support in the form of 14,800 shares and 87,000 Likes as of  this writing.

I normally stay away from political issues because I could not give less of a shit, but this is such a cut and dry case I can’t comprehend why people would possibly be offended. Like I don’t care if a group of butch lesbians and sweaty bears in assless chaps broke into your house, had a giant homosexual orgy while watching reruns of Will and Grace and then burned the place down while singing a melody of Broadway show tunes; if your hatred of the gays can’t be overcome by the beauty that is rainbow hextuple stuffed Oreos then there’s honestly no hope left for you. Absolutely unforgivable. The only reason I can think of to be mad at Oreo for this is if they put out this picture without any intention of trying to make these a real thing. That’s the one and only scenario where I decide to get my protest on. Gay people can keep fighting for their right to fuck whoever they want, and I wish them the best of luck with that. I’ll be in the corner fighting for my right to contract Type II diabetes by eating a box of these in one sitting.


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