I’m not even remotely kidding, I’m so #TeamThinspo it’s crazy. First of all they’re fucking hilarious. From saying Kate Upton looks like she walks the runway as if there’s a buffet at the end to “plus size models (AKA fat girls)” to “Fat pride burns my hide” I can’t get enough of them. But even moreso than that, they’ve inspired me. Like yesterday I was reading the comment section on the Kate Upton story and I realized I was fucking too fat. Went to the market and didn’t buy a single carb. Even went to the gym. Their website is like the cool girl table in the cafeteria, only you planted a listening device. You can hear all the terrible, hysterical things they say about everyone. If hearing the hot girls gossip isn’t enough motivation to get in shape then you really are just a lost cause. Give me a month and I’ll be skinny as fuck mixing it up with the mean girls, you can get back to your fat pride, fatty.


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