The Blade Runner?

Yahoo SportsFirst it was commentary on how slave descendants have a genetic edge on the track. Now the 400-meter world-record holder and four-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist is calling out South African sprinter and double amputee Oscar Pistorius for potentially having an “unfair advantage.” ”I consider Oscar a friend of mine, but he knows I am against him running,” Johnson told the London Telegraph. “Because this is not about Oscar; it’s not about him as an individual, it is about the rules you will make and put in place for the sport which will apply to anyone, and not just Oscar.” Pistorius, also known as “blade runner,” has garnered a lot of attention since being approved to compete in London. The South African sprinter lost the lower part of his legs as a child and uses blade-like prosthetic limbs when he competes on the track.

I don’t care if he’s retired and lost to that Canadian Donovan Bailey one-on-one, Michael Johnson is my new favorite athlete. A straight shooter all the way. Calls it like it is, no filter, doesn’t give a fuck. Just calling out this Oscar Pistorius gimp saying his cyborg ass shouldn’t be competing in the Olympics. Hear, hear! God damn right he shouldn’t. I don’t care what anybody says having fucking pogo sticks attached to your knees is absolutely an unfair advantage when we’re talking about the olympic competition. This guy’s gonna hop, skip and jump his way to record times and olympic gold and glory all because he was lucky enough to lose his legs and get these freak sticks thrown on. How’s that fair?


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