DUI … in Wallmart?

HOUMA A 24-year-old man is accused of driving a shopping scooter while drunk inside the east Houma Wal-Mart, police say.  Thomas J. Phillip’s breath tested at more than double the amount considered legal proof of intoxication under Louisiana law when he was pulled over Sunday, according to Houma Police.  Police said they received a call from someone at the store and found Phillip on the scooter pulling a friend behind him in a wheelchair. Phillip told officers he decided to take the scooter for a joyride.


Listen I don’t condone drinking and driving.     Like I don’t care if you want to kill yourself but you can’t be putting innocent people at risk.  That’s why it’s such a hideous crime.    But having said that how do you give a guy a DUI in a Walmart?  What’s the worst that can happen?   He runs over somebody’s foot.   Just tell the dude to stop.   If he won’t then you can arrest him for disorderly conduct.  But a DUI?    Come on.   You should only be able to get a DUI on the open road.  Other than that you can do whatever the fuck you want.     If you want to get shitfaced and ride a scooter around Walmart knock yourself out.

PS – I wonder if the cops had one of those power wheels cop cars when they pulled him over.  For some reason I picture a cop stuffed into one of those things with little flashing lights and yelling into a megaphone to pull it over.


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