Transgender Fun?


Dailymail A male pop fan who idolised Britney Spears has undergone a sex change operation to make himself look more like the star. Transsexual Kara Hays has now spent over £60,000 on gender re-alignment surgery and breast implants.The 26-year-old, who was born a man and used to be known as Kody, now has long-flowing blonde hair in imitation of the 90s pop singer.


Hopefully this blog doesn’t come across as rude, but what’s the deal with transvestites?  Can they just sleep with a dude and not mention that they are a transvestite?    I’m obviously not talking about the kind of tranvestites who have dicks.  That’s pretty self explanatory.  I’m talking about the full monty kind.  The ones who have pussies now.   Like can this Britney Spears looking motherfucker just go out to a bar and fuck whoever it wants?   I feel like it should have to declare itself.  Maybe even have a tattoo on it’s forehead that says “TRANSGENDER”     Because I don’t care how hot a transgender is I don’t want to fuck one.  Having a dick at any point in your life is just a total turnoff for me.  I’m sure some people don’t care but I do.   And as ridiculous as this blog is I’m being dead serious.    Transgenders shouldn’t be allowed to fuck straight dudes without full disclosure.  It should be a sex crime if they do.   It’s like not telling somebody you have aids before sleeping with them.


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