Cuckolded Judge?

CBC – The husband of a Manitoba judge under investigation for nude photos is steadfastly defending her, saying she was unaware that the photos were being shared on the Internet. Jack King is testifying for a second day in Winnipeg at the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) inquiry into the conduct of his wife, Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas.  Questioned by independent counsel Guy Pratte, King said he began surfing the porn website Dark Cavern in 2000.The website, designed to arrange interracial sexual encounters, has a section called wives and black lovers. King said he posted 35 photos of Douglas there.King said that he had a fantasy of a threesome of an interracial nature.King said he placed an ad on the site in 2002, looking for a black man to join the couple in Mexico. When asked if people viewing the photos could recognize Douglas, if they knew her, King admitted “shame and stupidity” for not blacking out her face. “My judgment in this regard had left me,” he added.  The inquiry is looking at whether Douglas disclosed the matter when she was appointed, and whether the existence of the photos should disqualify her from continuing as a judge. Whether Douglas knew what her husband was up to and should she have disclosed the story when she was applying to be a judge are the central issues in the CJC inquiry.

Talk about much to do about nothing huh?   I mean let’s clear one thing up.  This judge 100% knew her husband was posting pictures of her on the internet trying to find a black dude to fuck her.    That’s why he didn’t blur out her face.   You can’t blur out her face if you’re seriously trying to get cuckholded.  But who cares?    So she wanted to get fucked by a huge black dick.  What white girl doesn’t fantasize about that from time to time?    I still don’t see how that interferes with her job of being a judge?    Like what’s she on trial for?  Being a freak?    What happens in Dark Cavern stays in Dark Cavern.  That’s what I always say.


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