The Proposal?

The ExaminerPatricia Legarreta went to the premiere of Dark Knight Rising with  her two children, one only four months old. At the theater were three  men who would play a pivotal role in her life that night: Jarell Brooks,  a nineteen year old stranger; James Holmes, a twenty-four year old stranger; and Jamie Rohrs, her boyfriend. One man would save Legaretta and her children that night while one  tried to kill them, and the final one left them behind as he escaped.  After the horrific melee was over, Legaretta would accept the proposal  of Rohrs. At this point, everyone knows that James Holmes was the shooter, who  killed twelve people including a six year old child, and wounded more  than fifty. You may think that Rohrs was the hero who saved his now  fiancée and children, but he was not. Instead, Rohrs allegedly placed his four month old on the floor, and fled the theater. From Huffington Post: Rohrs said he lost his 4-month-old son, Ethan, in the  darkness and chaos of the theater, but got out himself. Then, once  outside, he could not initially find Legarreta. “I got to my truck and I drove across the mall,” Rohrs added. “I’m  going to call 911 and trying to call Patricia and it’s just ringing, and  every time it rings I’m like they’re dead, they’re dead, your whole  family is dead.” Jarell Brooks, had escaped danger, but allegedly saw Legaretta  struggling with her children, and returned to help them out of the  theater, suffering a wound to his leg. He is out of the hospital and  okay. n moments of crisis, the true character of a person will show up. No one  ever knows how they will react when faced with certain danger. In the  case of Jamie Rohrs, he fled without his girlfriend and children. Would  that be the case for many in his situation? According to the news  stories at least three other men died shielding their girlfriends from the gunman’s terror.

This poor son of a bitch Jamie Rohrs is so fucked its not even funny. Dude’s life as a husband is over before its even started. Good luck ever trying to win an argument about anything ever again. You could take the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of  your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double  team your girlfriend and she could just be like “Oh yea well what about the time you left me and my infant children in the middle of one of the worst domestic terror attacks this country has ever seen?”

Good luck with that one, homie. Good luck ever trying to go to the movie theater with her again. “I’ll be right back – gonna get some popcorn. Keep an eye on the kids and don’t flee them during a moment of mortal danger, mm kay? You want extra butter?” Just gonna be a lifetime of backhanded compliments about how much of a pussy you are. And all those dudes who literally took a bullet for their women certainly didn’t help your cause. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I’m some hero who would shield his girl because who knows how it all went down in there. But dropping a four month under your theater chair like its a half finished bucket of soda and hopping in your car and driving away without them is a is just a tad over the top dude.


One Fish Two Fish should just ditch her pussy husband and marry the hero Chris Bosh


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