Blind Archer?

Philly.comSetting a world record at the Olympics is an impressive feat. It becomes even more impressive when the competitor is blind. What Im Dong-hyun of South Korea did in London on Friday borders on nearly impossible. Legally blind, Im set the world record, the first world record set at these games, in the one sport where eyesight seems to be the most important tool – archery. He broke the 72-arrow mark with 699 points. This was no fluke, however. Im also took place in the team competition, where the South Koreans broke the world record in that event as well with a score of 2,087 points on 216 arrows.

This is like a guy with no feet winning a kickball tournament or an Irishman placing first in the Big Cock Championships — just a completely backwards against-all-odds type of achievement.  The article for this was tucked in the corner of the site for some reason like it’s not a big deal.  Like reading about how O.J. Atogwe’s leadership is more important than the BLIND GUY breaking an archery world record.  I have 20/20 and when I’m shooting garbage in my trash can I still max out at like 70% from the field.  Im Dong-hyun, I’m impressed bro.  Even if these other people aren’t.

Stories like this are why I don’t understand some people’s dislike of the Olympics.  Like I get that The Games are a bunch of foreigners playing foreign sports that we’re not used to watching, but isn’t that the point?  Isn’t that the reason we stay up til 2AM gambling sidebets with your buddies on Croatian Handball or cheering on the Chinese guy just because his name is Dong Dong?  This shit is great.  All the competition and drama with no emotional attachment to the athletes.  Whelp, looks like your Italian gymnast broke her foot.  Better hope her teammate sticks the landing on the horse or you owe me 60.


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