Bane Voice?

Disregard the fact that the movie was ehhhh at best. Yeah, someone had to say it. Dante, the Barstool Blackout DJ, said the same thing after he saw an advanced screening a couple weeks ago, and he got ripped to shreds for it. Dark Knight was one of my favorite movies, so it pains me to do this, but I’m here to validate his claims. The plot was boring and predictable. The dialogue was downright criminal, and the acting was atrocious. Mol from Inception played her character so half-assed it hurt. But more importantly, Bane’s voice… Who gave the green light to that one? Who in the brainstorming session was like, “hold on a second, let’s hear Eric out. He may be on to something with making his voice sound like that guy from Titanic who was always looking for his next brandy fix.”

“Hyere Hyere! Brandy and destruction to Gotham!”

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