Yahoo Larry Greenfield can’t understand why he hasn’t met his wife. He’s successful, single and he’s not cheap. In the past 12 years, the 47-year-old has spent over $65,000 dollars on matchmaking services, according to the New York Post. Now, 250 blind dates later he’s still single and he’s blaming his former matchmakers. “You pay them up front and they don’t provide a service. They tell you how wonderful you are, whatever you want to hear,” Greenfield told The Post. How to be a matchmaker for friends The retired Wall Street trader seems to have approached his quest for a wife like a business acquisition. “My job right now is meeting a girl,” he says in the Post’s article on him, which has now gone viral. It’s not exactly a romantic notion, but then neither is paying money for a set-up. But with his laundry list of requirements for a partner, Greenfield figured matchmaking was his best bet. It wasn’t. “His problem is he’s a six and he wanted tens,” Maureen Tara Nelson, one of Greenfield’s former matchmakers, tells Yahoo! Shine. She claims Greenfield chose his dates through her based on photos and profiles but still came back unsatisfied. “He’d say there was no chemistry, but he picked the women!” says Nelson. At press time, Greenfield hadn’t responded to a request for comment.


Dude Greenfield who the fuck are these idiot matchmakers you’re going to? His standards are too high!  He wants a kind of woman that doesn’t exist! He’s a 6 but he wants 10s! Uhh no fucking shit you morons.  The guy is a Wall Street trader.   He’s not gonna date some homely looking Jewish bitch just because she knows how to read a book backwards.  I mean I’m not exaggerating when I say that “he thinks because he’s rich he can get beautiful women” is the dumbest thing ever said.  That’s EXACTLY what it means.  I don’t care if this guy looks like a balding Rick Moranis and is probably the squid of all squids. You know what he does have?  Millions of dollars in the bank.  I can throw a rock down Park Ave and hit 50 slim, Jewish, non-alpha broad who isn’t married to her job and wants a sugar daddy.    Literally the easiest type of girlfriend to find in the city.   Worst matchmakers ever and that’s an understatement. Where’s Patti Stanger when you need her?

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