Alyssa Rosales?

So the story goes like this, Alyssa Rosales lost a bet and had to have sex with and blow her dog and post it on Facebook.  The fuck?  Seriously, 2013 is really starting out with a bang.  This is what people are doing to get famous?  Whatever happened to stupid music videos (Friday, Gagnam Style).  Sleeping with your dog is insane.  That fact that this chick isn’t totally gross is even more insane.  I literally can’t think of anything grosser than this.  And to post it on Facebook?  I can’t, I just cant.  I get it, you got funny tattoos, you’re “different.”  But go listen to emo music or something, don’t screw your dog.  Just don’t do it.  And definately don’t suck your dog’s dick.  I think I lost all faith in humanity.

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