Sly James Interrupt?

“This man just got through talkin about exactly what the fuck he ain’t never did.” Which puts the Mayor in direct opposition with a man like our hero here, an obvious man of action. Rushing stages, wrestling authorities, dressing like Common — it all requires a lot of plotting and execution and the Mayor’s lack of motion just isn’t cutting it in Missouri anymore.  Or Kansas.  Or whatever Kansas City is.

Could that dude have interrupted the speech any smoother? Like a boss. He interrupted that shit like a fucking boss. It was an entrance that only a black man could pull off, I know that much. The flag toss and spin combo. So righteous. So, so righteous. Kinda makes me want to be black solely for the entrance swag.

Oh and don’t think I’m not loving Mayor Sly James with his pink and purple bow tie because I totally am. You can pinpoint the moment his ghetto side comes out. Looking at that dude like nigga what is you doing!?


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